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The Talented Musician, Bobby Shmurda Featuring Rowdy Rebel puts effort into their musical career by releasing their studio singles titled “On God“, which we made available for free Mp3 Download for you.


Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel are promising artists, which always promises their fan good vibes. (On God) is a whooping track that is worth placing on your music playlist as a Music Lover. Download it and Enjoy!

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[Verse 1: Bobby Shmurda & Rowdy Rebel]
Ah, I’m back on the road again
I’m poppin’ it, lettin’ it go again (Brrt)
I’m back in the hole again (Brrt)
I’m drivin’ them things on the stove again
Ah, I’m icin’ the woah again
I’m icin’ my bro and my hoes and them
It’s shoutout to Desi and shoutout to Avi
They got me on froze again (Woof)
Who let the vultures in? (Woof)
Who let the soldiers in? (Woof)
Who let the road’em in? (Woof)
I’m back on that bowl again (Woof)
Who let the goat’nem in?
They fucked up, won’t let all my bro’dem in (Woof)
And shoutout to Flocka, I gave him one-fifty (Ayy, ayy)
He whippin’ that bowl again

[Verse 2: Rowdy Rebel]
Back on God again (On God)
Wrist on froze again (On God)
Big up, Glizzy, clip up, fifty
Back with bro again (Grrt, On God)
Took two Ls but we prevail so we for sure to win (On God)
Don’t get exposed again (Exposed again)
In front me and my muhfuckin’ twin (Me and my twin)

[Verse 3: Bobby Shmurda]
In front my and my muhfuckin’ friends
I’m straight out the muhfuckin’ trench
My hoes, they muhfuckin’ tense
My thoughts, those motherfuckers bend, bitch

[Verse 4: Rowdy Rebel]
Back on the muhfuckin’ ends, bitch
Bust down Cartier lens, bitch
Please watch your mouth when you talkin’
You know how we comin’, this shit ain’t pretend, bitch
I keep my gun on my hip when I step
I just touched down in L.A. off a jet
My nigga Southside just bought a Corvette
My pitta just called me in jail, collect
He told me to get to the money
I been have the power, the power, it came with respect
I got respect with this little TEC
This little TEC make a big mess
I cannot see it when uppin’ my heater
I used to trap in my low-top Adidas
I used to pour up and sip out the liter
That’s when the block was hot like a fever
I used to smoke and chill at Jarrita’s
I used to get high in the back and just leave us
Now I take trips with gang, sell out stages
And charge for the occasional feature

[Verse 5: Bobby Shmurda]
I had to cut the bitch, I ain’t need here
I had to hustle that bitch with my niña
I had to wipe all that blood off my sneakers
I had to bump in that bitch in my beater
I had to leave me that bitch ‘fore I beat her
I had to get in and cut it by Keisha
They gotta run from the door when they see us
I had to drive to more shows than the D.A
Yeah, gang, yeah, chains
I had his ex on my neck like a freezer
I got a trunk in the back, it’s two-seater
I got them guns in the back of the Beamer
I sold them drugs in the trap with Aaliyah
I gotta keep me a mag’ in the prenup
I’m finna go ‘head and run me a B up

[Outro: Bobby Shmurda]
On God, on God
On God, on God

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