DC The Don – 3AM Freestyle

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Moreover, this classic entry was taken off ‘s newly released studio album titled “DC Dahmer“.

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DC The Don – 3AM Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, ay
Ay, this is a Trademark produ-

Boy, you toast if you act scarred in this bitch
Turn your block to a graveyard in this bitch
All my niggas tote ARs in this bitch
Ain’t no games, we don’t play cards in this bitch
I might flip and go AWOL in this bitch
Never fold and I stay tall in this bitch
Remember when I still played ball in this bitch
I’m the 6’7 Chris Paul in this bitch
Alley-oop, then I slam dunk in that bitch
I don’t want her, please have fun with your bitch
Don’t be silent, boy, say some' in this bitch
'Cause diploma won’t get none in this bitch
I ain’t hungry, I went hard for this shit
Mama told me, "You’ll go far with this shit"
Never switch up and take off with this shit
Just remember to thank God for this shit
Okay, right, Ma, yeah, I need that, I need you
When I turn around, no one was there except for me and you
I don’t ever want to see you, down and out, I payed the fees too
I don’t ever want to let you down, I don’t ever want to leave you
Now they can’t say shit while we up, yeah
Fuck 'em, they weren’t there when we was stuck, yeah
You said I'm a diamond in the rough (Yeah), yeah
No believers, you said, "Try your luck," yeah
I tried to help, you won’t let me
If you was gone, who gon' catch me?
That’s why I’m living so edgy
My life repeating, a death scene
I told her it can get messy
'Cause I could barely love myself, yeah
I could barely trust myself, yeah
Battle scars, all I felt, yeah
Oh, bitch bad, she wanna fuck with a nigga
I’m ridin' round, I made it city to city
No Kappa meeting, I’m the new Diggy Simmons
My mama miss me, said I’m acting too busy
I’m sorry, Mama, I love chasing these digits
I promise, Coco, when I’m home, we gon' hit it
And fuck your job, I’m doing good, you could quit it
And fuck these niggas, they on nothing, I’m trippin'
And fuck these hoes, they want the clout, they all diggin'
They leeching on me, they just feen for attention
I’m counting guala, out the D's in the kitchen
I’m enchilada, I got cheese, yeah, I’m drippin'
I’m Eddie Kane, the way I’m cracking these niggas
Wanna bang 'cause I’m the captain, lil' nigga
I make it seem like Michael Jackson, lil' nigga
I’m in the leagues, and fuck your trapping, lil' nigga, like, yeah
You got bad habits, baby, I got bad ones too
Like a crack addict, I would throw my life for you
This is mathematics, baby, let’s add me with you
I’m a lone-wolf now, I been out to bat with you
Better show me love when you see me, mask off
She just mixed her molly’s with her perky’s, get her extra
They don’t want to see me score an A-plus on my test, yeah
Heating up Milwaukee, I’m applying all the pressure
When I’m riding 'round, bitch, I’m cruising in a Tesla
Baby, I’m not DC from ‘09, you getting less love
That bitch still won’t fuck with me 'cause she know that I’m next up
I said, "Give me toppy 'til it’s sloppy," make a mess, yeah
Riding 'round with a vest, yeah, riding 'round with a TEC
Riding 'round with a vest, yeah, riding 'round with a TEC
Niggas, they, niggas, they aiming straight for my neck
Niggas, they aiming straight for my head
Niggas, they aiming straight for my life
Niggas, they tryna take what I made
Niggas, they tryna take what I built up from that bottom, but I ain’t going out like that
Yes, I know I’m blessed yeah, OD
Feeling like the devil crawling on me
I’m still hallucinating my dreams
Starting to think there’s something wrong with me

And I can’t go out nowhere alone because I
Made a name for myself, yeah, I did it
Made a name for myself, yeah, I did it with nobody else, no
Nobody else, help
It was just me, you, me, you

Oh, bitch bad she wanna fuck with a nigga
I’m riding 'round, I made it city to city
Yeah, yeah, I don’t wanna love myself
Yeah, yeah. I could barely love myself
Yeah, I could barely trust myself
Yeah, I could barely love myself, yeah

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