KSI – Number 2 Ft. Future & 21 Savage

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[Intro: Future & KSI]
Oh, yeah, yeah
Lord forgive us, ooh, ooh (D-Diego)
Lord forgive us, ooh, ooh (Mally Mall)
(B-B-Bankroll Got It)

[Verse 1: Future]
Hit me on my burner, hit me on my burner, ayy
All we know is murder, all we know is murder
It’s goin’ down in my hood
They shoot rounds in my hood, they shoot rounds in my hood (Lovely)
Tears in your eyes, on your mama cheek
Bloodstains dryin’ on the concrete
Yeah, we be like, “Fuckin’ all that Twitter shit”
All my niggas militant, take a hit for benefit (Gi-gi)
And I’m fuckin’ all the witnesses
These stripper bitches ain’t gon’ say shit
Ayy, that’s an unsolved freak (Freaky, freaky)
Have mеrcy on a G (Woo)

[Chorus: KSI]
Whole gang up, all my brothers lit (True)
Racks on racks, ain’t too much to spеnd (Never waiting)
All come through when they wanna live (See they with the)
New chain chillin’ and it got a twin
Ah, ooh (Yeah, yeah)
Where were you when I was down?
Where were you? (Where were you?)
Guess you is the shit now, number two (Look at you)
In the circus you a clown, look at you (You)
Bringing views (Ah)
[Verse 2: KSI]
I pick what I want it then I cop, cop
That shit you dropped just gon’ flop, flop
When the future is present, we pop off
Then tell me how can I drop off? (Yeah)
Their demeanour is fugazi
When you reach my level, man, many men they’ll seem lazy (Brr)
Plaque after plaque while the industry’s on my back
Now they on my wrist so I’m roaming in with the pack
I got runners on the ándale
They go to West, we’re never packin’ for the holidays
Been dodging through the system, time can kiss my money gone
Been gettin’ boomers since the mainstream got their focus on
The focus’ number one

[Verse 3: 21 Savage]
Never follow rules, I was skippin’ school (21)
You know I ain’t friendly so quit actin’ like we cool (Pussy)
Spin them niggas block ’cause we have nothin’ else to do (21)
Ain’t trippin’ ’bout no bitch, you know I’m a player, I tie my shoes (On God)
All my diamonds hit up (21)
Wet your block in a pick up (21)
All, all my cars they go fast, face ain’t shit but I like her ass
I don’t love her but I love my cash, COVID-19, I’m wearin’ my mask
You know I’m out here thuggin’, so suck me like you love me (Facts)
Last opp played with us, we turned his ass duppy (Whack)
I’m a big dog and I love to step on puppy (21)
Two-tone Maybach, same color Kentucky (21)
[Chorus: KSI]
Whole gang up, all my brothers lit
Racks on racks, ain’t to

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