10 Songs that Will Make You Happier and Liven Up Your Mood

Each of us has favourite tracks, and some even have themed playlists for a bad mood or vice versa, for an upbeat when you want to dance to rhythmic tracks. Scientists, by the way, share the opinion that certain songs can improve mood.

Dr Jacob Jolie, a Dutch cognitive neuroscientist, rated songs according to several criteria and chose the ones that can make us happier. He evaluated the number of beats per minute, key (major or minor), chords in the song, words and genre. According to the formula, we like fast-tempo songs in a major key that have more than three chords. The average tempo of pop songs is about 118 beats per minute, and those songs that, according to Jacob Jolie, make us happy, are from 140 to 150 beats per minute.

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The list includes tracks from Queen, Abba, Bon Jovi and many others. By adding them to your playlist you will feel the emotion and become happier.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Queen are probably one of the most famous rock groups in the history of music. They influenced a whole era of generations and made us feel happier. Not surprisingly, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” made the list. However, any of their songs can cheer you up and make you happier. Especially if you listen to the text.

The following song has been featured in different movies and advertisements. If you want to liven up, just turn it on and the rest will be done by itself.

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Jacob Jolie believes that rock songs can also lift our spirits and make us happier. You can check it only after listening to the American rock band Survivor. This is also a good motivational and inspiring song. If you go on training feel free to turn on the following song.

Lovers of gambling will also find this song interesting while they are playing. The song’s mood perfectly goes with 22Bet online live betting. When you don’t know where to place your bets on, this track might give you some thoughts.

Dancing Queen – Abba

The song, which is about dancing and the queen of the dance floor, automatically lifts the mood, even after reading the lyrics. For the majority of people, this song is associated with winter and New Year. However, you can listen to the following song any time you want.

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

Although the American group The Beach Boys’ song was released in 1966, this does not negate its healing abilities. After listening to the song, the mood raises instantly even if you are at work. While this song may not be as popular as the others on our list, you can still always listen to it.

Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

There is a version that the song Uptown Girl was written by Billy Joel under the influence of friendship with Christie Brinkley, Whitney Houston and Elle MacPherson. The song’s lyrics is perfect and the rhythm will make you happier – especially if you are with your loved one.

I’m a Believer – The Monkees

Although the song I’m a Believer was written by the American musician Neil Diamond, the pop quartet The Monkees gave it major popularity among people. It is only 3 minutes long but the duration is enough for the emotions it will bring you.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper is a multitasking person. She has achieved success in many areas, from music to acting. Not surprisingly, she has a Grammy, a Tony Award and an Emmy to her credit. Quite a massive list of awards, right? Yet the song that is featured, will excite a lot of people, who love a good piece of music.

Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

The legendary band Bon Jovi released the song Livin’ on a Prayer at a time when they were not widely known outside of their home state of New Jersey. But now the track can be called one of the main hits of the band.

I Will Survive – ​​Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor is known for hits in the disco genre. One of her most memorable tracks – I Will Survive – ​​earned a Grammy nomination.The song has a long history and initially, it was written for oppressed people, who were quelled because of their gender identity. Right now the song is most often associated with girls, left by their boyfriends. In a nutshell, this song will definitely liven up your mood.

Walking On Sunshine – Katrina And The Waves

The winners of the Eurovision Song Contest often go into oblivion and cannot boast of other great achievements. Katrina & The Waves are no exception. They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 but after that, the band’s popularity decreased quite massively.

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