‘OFTEN, I HAVE THESE DREAMZ ‘ MP3 Download (Audio), Music Video (Mp4) & Lyrics

The Sensational & Talented Musician, Kid Cudi dishes out new music project titled ‘OFTEN, I HAVE THESE DREAMZ ‘, which serves as one of the successful and hit song produced so far. 

In this project, Kid Cudi enroll with the contribution of the musical artist DJ Drama which contributed a lot to the track with the cool verses.

This project serves as one of the tracks on Kid Cudi‘s newly released studio album titled “INSANO“

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Kid Cudi – OFTEN, I HAVE THESE DREAMZ Ft. DJ Drama Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama & Kid Cudi]
Uh-uh, you see, when I got the call from the WZRD for this collaboration, it only made sense, right?
I mean, we birthed the sound, we birthed the style, we birthed the culture, you niggas welcome
But now it's time for some new and improved shit
I mean, life has been amazing, blessings on blessings on blessings, it's fair to say we God's favorite
Oh, yeah, God got you too (Yessir, yeah)
Cudi, DJ Drama (Yeah, oh-oh), y'all ready?

[Verse 1: Kid Cudi & DJ Drama]
This is unlimited kisses from me to your bitches
Miss, it's Cudder again, I'm finally in line within'
Been on my shit back in this, blеssed, been feelin' these niggas can't pack
Runnin' up thеse raps, haha, tell most of these lames I'm Papa (Birthed y'all)
Winning, zoom I'm flicking, all the ladies stick, gotta find me somethin', take my pic'
And I'm 'bout to make it quick, shit
Who knows? Nigga, I'm so sarcastic
Nigga, it's automatic, see, I'm so cinematic-atic-atic (Cudi, talk to 'em)
[Spoken Interlude: Kid Cudi & DJ Drama]
You know what's crazy
Often, I have these dreams of me falling through the sky
You know what I'm sayin'?
And uh, somehow before I hit the ground, I start flyin'
You know what I'm sayin'? I start flyin'
I fly back up to the sky, you know, high as fuck
High as fuck, pass the planets (Get 'em)

[Verse 2: Kid Cudi]
Niggas ain't never seen it
Walkin' a little bit, leanin'
The truth is all that tequila, he rose
Can't nobody seem to be him
Confident bossin', wavy, I'm drivin' the ladies crazy
He rip it again, ah, man, dawg, they all mad
Ah, it's little, little, Tokyo from Paris, damn
Damn-damn, who ran? All first fans
Rootin' for him, just to cheer him on, they love a grand man

[Outro: Kid Cudi & DJ Drama]
You know they always say there's a punk motherfucker that's tryna bring you down
When they see you shinin', don't worry, don't worry, God got you (Amen, INSANO)

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