Mark Angel Net Worth [Mark Angel Comedy]

Net Worth $1 Million Dollars
Name Mark Angel
Born27 May 1991
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Age29 Years Old (2020)
State Of OriginIMO State
Occupation Comedian
Marital Status Single
Relation(s)Emmanuella Samuel,
“Aunty” Success

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Who is Mark Angel?

Mark Angel (born 27 May 1991) is a popular Nigerian Comedian and as well one of the richest comedians in Nigeria. He is a Video Producer and also a script writer. He is best known of Mark Angel Comedy Series On Youtube and their official Website, often featuring Emmanuella whom is known as his cousin sister, and sometimes referred as his niece(age 9) and her sister, “Aunty” Success Madubuike (age 5 as of 2019).

Mark Angel Early Life

Mark Angel was born in 1991 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He attended Obafemi Awolowo University to study medicine, but left for family reasons. After studying, he spent time in Nigeria gaining experience in cinematography and theater, but could not find stable paying work in Nollywood. He began independent filmmaking in 2013 under the name Mechanic Pictures.

(Mark Angel Net Worth is estimated to be $1 Million Dollars)

Mark Angel Comedy

Angel is best known for Mark Angel Comedy, a series of YouTube comedy shorts that feature a number of people from Angel’s family and neighborhood in Port Harcourt. Many of the shorts involve clever children, primarily Emmanuella Samuel and Success. Angel’s first well known short is “Oga Landlord,” wherein a man late on rent (Angel) is trying to hide from his landlord (Daddy Humble), and tries in vain to have a child (Emmanuella) cover for him. On his child (Emmanuella) to cover up according to their plan, she failed by her replies to the landlord in the conversation (“My uncle is not around. He just told me.”).

Emmanuella Samuel is Angel’s longest-appearing actress. She has won comedy awards in Nigeria and Australia for her work with Angel, and is Africa’s youngest YouTube award winner. She started film work in school as part of a class video project, prior to being chosen by Angel for his stable of actors. Samuel’s videos can reach up to a million views during the first week after posting.

In 2018 it was announced that Samuel would be attached to an upcoming Disney feature film.

Mark Angel YouTube Channel

Channel MarkAngelComedy
(As of 17 May, 2020)
(As of 17 May, 2020)

Angel’s YouTube channel,” Mark Angel Comedy” was the first African comedy channel to reach one million subscribers. Mark Angel received a plaque from YouTube for their YouTube channel to have one million subscriptions in 2017, which was the first African comedy YouTube channel to reach that amount of subscribers.

(Mark Angel Net Worth is estimated to be $1 Million Dollars)

Mark Angel Net Worth

As of 2020, the popular Nigerian Comedian Net Worth is estimated to be $1 Million Dollars

How old is Mark Angel

Mark Angel is 29 years old, born 27 May, 1991. He was born at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

In Conclusion

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